We are an Electronic Engineering Company

Improvement through Design

We help industry to improve. We do this through the use of use of either existing or custom hardware and/or software

We provide custom hardware and software

Custom Design Fast Prototyping

We appreciate that sometimes you can't find the right fit of software and hardware. We will never reinvent the wheel but where required, we will redesign. Focus in on 2.4GHZ low power wireless solutions

We sell tracking beacons and solutions

Tracking  Solutions

We do sell base beacon hardware but our focus is providing localized, low power, low cost tracking solutions.

We resell GE Digital software

GE Software Reseller

We are an authorized GE digital reseller. Focus on Proficy Historian, iFix, Cimplicity, Plant Applications, Troubleshooter and Cause +.

What we offer

Low cost, localized, active RFID tracking systems

Real-time stock on hand, transition control, delivery receipt and so much more

Fast Prototyping to mass production

Where a solution does not existing, we will quickly develop a prototype and help you to realize your ideas.

Shared risk model

Were there is room to collaborate, we will invest in your solution, applying for a joint patent if we can.

GE Proficy Software

We are an authorized reseller of GE Digital's software suite.

Professional Services

Allow us to advise you how to improve your processes

Manufacturing Execution System Design

With preference for the GE Proficy Software Suite, we will help you to improve your OEE.

Active Beacon

We sell both iBeacons and custom beacons (hardware and firmware). Please contact us for further information

Application examples

Patented Cable tracking Solution

Aberdare Cables'patented cable tracking sysytem."

Replace barcoding with RFID

Replace your maual barcoding, with automatic active RFID

Delegate tracking

Automatically record which seminars your delegates attended and which stands they prefered.

Cow identification

Get in touch to find out about our patented cow identification system - Prototype phase

GE Proficy Historian

Upgrade to GE Proficy Historian and historize your process data, at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

GE Proficy Plant Applications

Turn on the lights to your process, with GE Proficy Plant Applications. Highlighting efficiency, quality, traceability and waste.


Shenzhen Minew Technologies Distributer

We are the Southern Africa distributer for Shenzhen Minew Technologies.

Patnering with Nikkro Solutions

We have partnered with Nikkro solutions which is a BWO South African Company.