Agile Innovations designs improvement systems.

Agile Innovations focus is not only on custom software, but more importantly, custom hardware.

Time and time again, a project is limited by the available technology. Whether it be too expensive, not appropriate for the application or simply not available.

Agile Innovations will analyze your environment and design an effective solution. Focusing on low cost, low power, wireless communication.

Where previously not possible; Agile Innovations brings you the ability monitor items for long periods of time without having to worry about battery life.

Paired with extensive production systems experience, Agile Innovations worked with Aberdare Cables (South Africa) to design a cable tracking system. This patented solution allows for continuous monitoring of high value assets, movement control and alarming work flows (with email, sms, etc). This interfaces to both the production instrumentation and SAP.

So please allow us to the opportunity to look at your unique problem, design a solution and then help you protect your competitive edge with a patent. Where we know we can help, we may even agree to a shared risk model.

Azoc Technology changed its name to 'Agile Innovations' in 2017. This represented its commitment to cost effective custom technology implementations.