Agile Innovations flagship joint project 'Abertrack' is a custom, patented, active RFID solution with Aberdare Cables, South Africa

   Providing real-time RFID asset tracking to electrical cable drums
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Aberdare Cables is a 71 year old South African cable manufacturer, and holds a Level 1 BBBEE status. The company employs 1500 people, and is 55% Black Owned and 30% Black Women Owned. Aberdare Cables has 3 manufacturing sites in South Africa, with Customer Service Centres in each province and in Maputo.


Agile Innovations provides Aberdare Cables with the following:

   Custom Active RFID tags, for localized, real-time stock monitoring
   Custom RFID readers (WIFI, LTE, mains or solar options)
   Drum location and history
   Integration into MES
   Integration Into SAP
   Multiple cross country site deployment

Agile Innovations invested in this solution, which has resulted in a shared patent between Aberdare Cables and Agile Innovations.